Website Design & Development

Small Business Web Development and Website Design

Since people have tapped the internet as the most usable media for communication and trade, having a business online can be more income generating if you have your own website for your business. Just look at those who are running international agencies. Because they have an established place in the virtual world, the internet has become an integral part of their system that without it conducting business would almost be impossible. To put it simply, you need your own website to run your business so that all the prospective customers can discover your products and get in touch with you in case they become interested. This is why having an effective web design and an optimized website is crucial to direct your business online and have a greater chance of making it over other businesses that are active on the internet.

Differences between Web Development and Website Design

There are two distinct differences between a web design and a website development although they are sometimes referred as one because they are dependent on each other. Small business website design deals with the overall appearance and maneuverability of the website while small business web development gives the functionality required to make the website usable over the internet.

Two Types of Websites

In producing a web design and in the development of a small business website, two kinds of websites are produced. These are the static websites and the dynamic websites. Static websites are documents that are written in HTML (Hyper-Text-Markup-Language). HTML is used to code basic web pages as in the form of documents while using different tags and markups. The tags are then processed by a web browser to make them functional for the users and be able to view the website graphically. The webmaster is responsible in updating the web pages so that they do not remain static or stagnant.
Normally, these pages serve as online brochures that business companies use and they can contain information about the companies, their products and services, and their contact information. Many types of media are found within these pages as well. There are the texts, audio and visuals, animations, photos and everything that could describe the companies as a whole. Static websites are operated using editing software such as software in writing codes in HTML. Text-Edit and Notepad are two software programs that have the basic features in writing codes. There are also the WYSIWYG editors that include Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage.

Dynamic Websites are those web pages that keep on changing their contents and features as the users can be able to input data in them. The particular web design of these small business websites are made using web languages such the ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, JSP and other languages and this makes the information dynamic because bit of information are always being fed on the websites. These languages provide functionality to communicate with the users so that we can be able to store data on databases, convert them into decodable codes and can be retrieved again. Dynamic websites also use the WYSIWYG editors when adding graphics and in coding computer languages to make them plain texts for users to read.