Social Media for Small Business

Social media or social networking has been one of the fastest and the most efficient ways to connect online. Just ask anyone for his Facebook details and he will gladly add you as his friend. Ask someone to follow your tweets on Twitter and he will even retweet your tweets when he thinks it’s tweetable! Seriously, when you talk about social media, you will instantly think of your Facebook status or your Twitter account and maybe your YouTube channel of your status on LinkedIn but do you know that more and more business are also using social media as an effective marketing strategy?

Medium scale to large scale companies has made social media their ally in sending their message across. They use their networking sites to reach out to their customers as well as their would-be customers with just about anything that they would like to say. From the latest deals, bargains and products to news about the business or company, social media lets businesses reach out to everyone eventually improving revenue, sales and brand recognition.

Social media for small business however is also possible; small business owners can also make social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook work for their advantage. If you are a small business owner, you will be glad to know what social media has in store for you:

  1. Most social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have options for businesses. Just visit these sites and find their business options on their menu or better yet, type in Facebook for business or Twitter for small businesses on your search bar. What’s different between social media for small business from the usual social networking account? A business account has more options to expand your small business and to monitor your followers, make announcements and send messages to a large number of clients. You can also benefit from the many features that will help small businesses get noticed online like case studies, SEO techniques and other marketing features. Definitely when you have a small business and you want to get noticed right away then you must consider using a business account from your favorite social networking site.
  2. With your company’s own social networking site you may be able to link your social media site to your official website. This will send your customers directly to your website to view new updates, deals and bargains. Make sure though that you update your social media account as often as you can so your followers and customers will learn more about your business and more likely check your official site as well.
  3. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account on your advertisements and marketing strategies. Just like large companies, you may add phrases like “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter.” If you send emails as a part of your marketing strategy then you may also add these phrases along with your email brochure or product catalog. Other marketing possibilities would be adding your social networking accounts on your fliers, commercials, announcements, tarpaulin advertisements and so on. You will notice that the more you use social media for small business or as a part of your marketing techniques; you will have better relationships with your clients and customers and will eventually learn more about your target market to.
  4. When you use social media for small business marketing, you will be aware of the latest trends and strategies used by your competitors. You may think that this is spying or stalking the competition but this is actually a positive strategy that has been used by huge companies locally and internationally. You can learn so much about your competition as well as others can learn all about your techniques as well. After all, aren’t we all working for the common good of our consumers and customers?

Social networking can do so much for any kind of business no matter how small or how huge your business may be. Make large and successful businesses be your model and inspiration and see how your small business can improve with your own business account today.