Our Frequently Asked Questions

Small Business Websites Advice:


1. What are Keywords

A. Keywords are the phrases people type into Google and the search engines, when they are looking for things on the internet (like your products or services)


2. My web developer told me I have to get traffic to my website, then Google will find and rank my website. Is this correct?

A. No, the opposite is correct. Getting Google to find and rank your website is the first step. The traffic will come after that
3. I hear that there is nothing you need to do to improve your website in Google, you just have to wait and see for 6 months. Is that correct?

A. No that is incorrect. There are 2 things you can do. First you need to structure your website correctly, second you need to make your website popular.
4. My web developer charges me every month for SEO and I do not know what I am being charged for. When I ask, he fills my head with confusing jargon.

A. Everything to do with the internet is simple, easily understandable and should be backed up with easy to read statistics. It sounds like your web developer is hiding something from you.
5. I am a graphic designer and I have put together many websites without really paying attention to SEO techniques, as I do not understand them.

A. Absolutely, I wish more graphic designers were like you. Most of the broken websites I have fixed have been built by designers who do not understand the basics of the internet.